Advancing the Standard of Care for Chronic Disease Management and Digital Health

At HGE we deliver on technology, services, solutions and results. We drive outcomes that improve the lives of patients with chronic disease, advance digital health, and create value for our customers and partners

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Our clinically-validated solution for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) provides early detection of deviations in patient symptoms to enable early clinical intervention

  • Over 90% daily compliance sustained by engaged patients
  • Supported by 24/7 state-of-the-art call center

Our solution reduces inpatient admissions, inpatient days, and emergency department visits by over 50% for health care systems and payors



Industry partners trust us to develop, test, and validate leading diagnostic, therapeutic, and digital health solutions.

Contact us to learn more about leveraging our experience, know-how, and partnership with the Temple University Department for Thoracic Medicine and Surgery to develop or co-develop an adjunct solution to our existing product, to test and clinically validate your solution, or to design and support your clinical trial!


Develop or co-develop an adjunct solution to your existing product


Help us test your healthcare solution!


We can help you design your next clinical trial


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HGE is a partner of the Temple University Department of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery, including its new Center for Digital Health

By uniting our resources and vision, we enable a vibrant entrepreneurial, academic, and collaborative environment that is conducive to the rigorous and progressive development, improvement, clinical study, and commercialization of solutions that improve patient care and achieve key clinical and financial outcomes for our customers and partners.


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