Better care, lower costs for COPD patients, their Providers, and Payors


Growing Challenge

As an increasing number of Americans are diagnosed each year with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) that is the third leading cause of death in the United States and represents 20% of all hospitalizations for patients over age 40, a quarter of whom will be readmitted within 30 days. 

Clinicians continue to be challenged by the unique complexity of a highly co-morbid population and the lack of simple indicators to warn of impending exacerbation. Providers and Payers want a better way to manage their care of COPD patients that minimize the need for inpatient admissions due to acute exacerbations, and HGE Health can help.


A Better Way

HGE Health has developed a clinical services platform that enables Providers and their COPD patients to improve a patient’s quality of life and respond to early changes their day-to-day symptoms.

We've built upon clinical protocols developed by Dr. Gerard J. Criner and his colleagues at the Temple Lung Center and the Department of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery and supported by their 12 years of research focused on finding a better way to provide care for a geographically and socio-economically diverse COPD patient population. HGE Health's clinically validated care standards and technology sit at the center of the healthcare ecosystem and deliver better care faster, which results in improved outcomes at a much lower cost.  

HGE Health's patients have more symptom-free days, their Providers are more engaged, and at-risk institutions experience a more than 60% reduction of utilization costs and improved financial levers that result in a consistent 5:1 ROI.


HGE has the longest running and world’s largest longitudinal data set of COPD symptoms, interventions, and clinical management

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Daily Interaction Drives Results

Unlike other disease management solutions, HGE Health effectively engages both patients and providers on daily basis. For Medicare and Medicaid patient populations, over 80% of all patients easily capture and understand their COPD symptoms changes daily. Our intelligent platform enables clinicians to triage and respond to patients in need with same-day treatment plans that address current symptoms and prevent future exacerbation.  

Patients love the ease and simplicity of the tool, Providers value the consistent clinical outcomes for their patients, and Payors benefit from improved patient and Provider engagement resulting in more stable COPD population, and meaningfully reduced hospitalizations for acute exacerbations.

The team at MUSC was impressed with the degree that our patients liked the technology and how our symptomatic patients felt that severe exacerbations were prevented. Additionally, the care team felt a minimal burden as we demonstrably improved our patient’s care and engagement.
— Charlie B. Strange, M.D., The Medical University of South Carolina
HGE keeps us in touch with our patients between visits and alerts us early if they are having problems. It provides patient connectivity and engagement that would not be feasible otherwise.
— Mark T. Dransfield, MD, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Using HGE Health is the best decision I’ve made in maintaining my COPD. [Before HGE] my last exacerbation lasted over 6 weeks.

But now I’ve only had 3 bad days, I’m movable and feeling decent again! I never had to call or go anywhere. The nurse called me and responded to my entries! Thank you!
— HGE Health User

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