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A Desire to Improve Care

Research by Temple Lung Center

Dr. Gerard J. Criner and his colleagues at the Temple Lung Center and the Department of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery believed there was a better way to provide care for their COPD patients that reduced the likelihood of future exacerbations and possible hospital admissions.  Recognizing the need for a simple, scalable mechanism to identify signs of a patient's worsening condition and to provide timely, effective care regardless of a patient's geographic location, Dr. Criner and his colleagues applied for and received $4.8 million in grant funding from the CURE Program from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to design, build, and clinically validate such a solution. After conducting a two-year prospective-randomized trial and completing an additional 10 years of clinical research, Dr. Criner refined a set of simple questions that - when combined and compared to a patient's unique baseline or "fingerprint" - identifies noteworthy changes.


HGE Health Launches in 2014

HGE Health was formed as a Temple University spin off company to bring the Temple Lung Center’s solution to the global COPD patient population. With senior executive experience from companies like Pfizer, Healthways, Change Healthcare, IBM, Deloitte, EDS, VerticalNet, Global Healthcare Exchange, and multiple large academic medical centers, a world-class team of health care and technology leaders has been assembled. The company leverages decades of insights and real-world experience tied to clinical care and research, healthcare technology, patient engagement, UI/UX experience, large-scale data and machine learning, and integrated delivery system-based disease management.

HGE Health continues to expand its relationships with leading clinical and academic thought-leaders, Payor and Provider networks in the United States and across Europe, and benchmark companies in the medical device and pharmaceutical Industry.

2019 HGE Health Expands Its State of the Art Facilities


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