Unique walk-in clinic for respiratory issues opens in Tulsa using HGE Health

TULSA — No one wants to wait long hours in emergency rooms, especially if you can’t breathe.

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RespirCare, a one-of-a kind clinic right here in Tulsa, was created to eliminate the wait time.

Right now, chronic lower respiratory disease is the fourth leading cause of death in the nation and the doctor chose to open this revolutionary new clinic in his home state of Oklahoma.

One of the states with the highest smoking rates.

Over the last several years, doctors like Pulmonary Specialist Dr. Mark Boomer have seen an increase in COPD and asthma patients.

“We believe that emergency rooms are ill-prepared to see a significant proportion of those people," Dr. Boomer.

It prompted Dr. Boomer to open a walk- in clinic, dedicated to treating acute and chronic breathing problems.

Judy Peterson has been one of Dr. Boomer’s patients for years and said with the easy access to the clinic, she’s avoided emergency room visits for her asthma.

“I run in here if I feel like something’s coming on because well I just know how to treat it and they know how to treat me. It’s very simple," said Peterson.

RespirCare, located at 2832 East 101st Street, has also teamed up with HGE Health, a company that created an app for your phone to help monitor people’s symptoms.

“From that we can determine early when they’re becoming ill with respiratory problems because of that we can intervene early.”

He said with early intervention they can hopefully prevent problems from worsening later on.

The clinic takes most insurance plans as well as medicare and medicaid.

It's open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.