It takes less than 2 minutes a day for a patient to understand their symptoms and breathe easier


Better Care - Easier and Faster

Simple To Use, Life Changing Results for Patients

Patients spend less than 2 minutes a day logging their daily respiratory symptoms using HGE Health's app on a smartphone, tablet, or PC that routes their symptoms to a centralized secure platform. These symptoms are compared to the patient’s periodically updated personal baseline. Immediate feedback is provided to the patient regarding the level of change in symptoms.


A Platform that enables Smarter Care


HGE Health's intelligent platform combines proprietary algorithms, protocols, clinical services, and technology to enable a same-day treatment plan response to a patient's symptom changes by their healthcare provider to address current symptoms and prevent future exacerbation.



Data and Insights Drive Personalized Treatment


HGE Health's platform supports providers in point-of-care decision making and long-term management of patients’ disease burden by presenting up-to-date symptom trends and clincal responses. Providers can make recommendations that are unique to each patient driven by:

  • Patient phenotyping
  • Patient predictive risk stratification
  • Response triage optimization
  • Clinical escalation protocols
  • Historic response to intervention therapies
  • Personal average episode duration, symptom-free days, and symptom resolution time

Understanding the Population, Treating the Individual

Our growing symptom and clinical response datasets leverage millions of patient-days across a patient population that is diverse across all dimensions. HGE Health's engagement levels and outcomes have been consistenly achieved for patients across demographic variables as well as population density (urban, suburban, rural), region, maintenance medications and route (inhaled versus via nebulizer), hospitalization history, and co-morbidities.

As trends emerge, providers can compare patient-level characteristics to population-trends to support personalized treatment insights.


Supporting Partners based on the intensity of service needed


An HGE Health Co-Pilot Solution for Each Level of Engagement


HGE Care Lite

Engagement and Empowered Self-Management for Patients With Mild to Moderate COPD

Providing scalable assistance for patient self-management through tracking of symptom stability and prompt feedback. Patients log symptoms daily through the app on a smartphone, tablet, or PC, and are directed to their provider when symptoms change.


HGE Care Plus

Ensuring identification and tracking of symptom stability and coordination of timely treatment and recommendations when necessary. Patients log symptoms daily through the app on a smartphone, tablet, or PC, plus they receive an in-app response from their provider within 24 hours when symptoms change. Providers efficiently triage and respond to patients via a dedicated portal.

Engagement, Symptom Awareness, and Timely Response Coordination for Patients With Moderate to Severe COPD


HGE Care Advanced

High Engagement, Pre and Post Procedure Symptom Stability for Respiratory Patients

Supporting interventional care that require patients to remain stable pre and post procedure (e.g. lung transplants, interventional devices). Patients log respiratory symptoms and vitals daily through the app on a smartphone, tablet, or PC, plus same-day care is coordinated with their provider when symptoms change from baseline. Providers efficiently triage and respond to patients via a dedicated portal.


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